Friday, July 04, 2008

Barak Obama's Latest Attempt to Lure Christian Conservatives to Join His campaign.

Here is the latest attempt by Barak Obama to lure Christian Conservative voters to join his campaign for the presidency. It is a radio ad playing on Christian radio in Colorado. You can listen to the spot and judge its sincerity by going to the following link:
After listening to the spot, I found myself wondering what Bible is Barak Obama reading when he speaks of the words of Jesus? In the spot, Obama states:
"I submitted myself to His (Jesus Christ) will and dedicated myself to discovering His truth."


I have yet to observe Barak Obama ever submitting himself to the will of Jesus Christ. And at what point in time is Barak Obama going to finally discover this "truth" of Jesus that he claims to be discovering. After twenty years of sitting under the racist and anti-American hatred of Jeremiah Wright, one must ponder this search for truth that Barak Obama claims to be in search of and this will of Jesus that the Democratic presidential candidate purports to be performing.

If a man cannot even comprehend something as fundamental as the will of Jesus on sexual sin issues, then how can he possibly claim to have a basic relationship with the Savior of the world?

Jesus told the prostitute to "go and sin no more." Barak Obama, in his effort to bring about "change," is basically telling the prostitutes of today to "go and sin some more." While Jesus told those who were involved in sexual immorality (prostitution, homosexuality, adulterty, idolatry - the worship of sexual images) to repent and be saved. To repent means to have a new way of thinking on one's old embracement of one's sin. Barak Obama is simply claiming the title of Christian to gain access to the evangelical vote, without his actually embracing the discipleship of Christ that comes with that most holy title.

Jesus said, "if you love Me then keep my commandments. If you do not keep My commandments then the love of God is not in you and you are a liar." Barak Obama advocates, as the Bible states, "a form of godliness but denying the power thereof." In other words, he is all talk and no evidence as it relates to proving whether one is a real Christian.

The Bible says that we can judge them by their fruits. The man who attempts to lure men and women into the continual embracement of the sin which God condemns, is setting those same souls up for eternal damnation. Barak Obama does not love the person who is engaged in homosexuality, lesbianism or transsexuality by encouraging them to continue in sins that will ultimately doom them to hell because they will not repent and be saved.

True love is the true attempt to save the person lost in sin by encouraging them to repent before it is too late. A real brother in the Lord will always convey the truth the sinner regardless of how difficult that truth may be for the sinner to hear. The easy way out is to keep on sinning and listening to some speaker like Barak Obama who simply want the sinner's vote even while encouraging that same sinner to destroy oneself. Love? I think now. Deception? Indeed.

There is no greater evil than that which is committed by the deceiver who is leading the masses into great peril and eternal destruction.
Barak Obama does not stand for Biblical truth. And if he isn't truthful on something as significantly fundamental as eternity and Biblical faith, then just imagine what else he has planned down the road for this nation.

The Bible says that in the last days there would an expansion of the spirit of anti-christ which opposes and exalts itself against Christ and His truth. And I conclude that Barak Obama is under the great influence and delusion of this spirit of anti-christ.

And whose side are you on?


Anonymous said...

At least Obama recognizes Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

John McCain is more aligned with the Muslim faith. It is on record that the said this concerning the Islamic faith:
"I admire the Islam. There's a lot of good principles in it".

He refuses to tell his salvation testimony, refuses full immersion baptism, and has some wierd belief concerning religion. He seems very uncomfortable talking about his faith. This is not the person that I want to see leading America.

Dave said...

Before deciding whether Obama is submitting himself to the will of Jesus Christ, it would be useful for you to understand the will of Jesus.

Perhaps you need to take the Jesus Test at . You maybe surprised at the results.

James Hartline said...

The Bible has already told me what the will of God is. That is why I finally left the homoexual lifestyle after thirty years. Do you meditate on the Word of God to get your conclusions as to His will or are you reading the some new gospel?

Anonymous said...

"The Bible has already told me what the will of God is. That is why I finally left the homoexual lifestyle"....... all of you idiots that follow that book of fairy tales are the ,reason the planet is so screwed up. Curl up in a corner read your little book, and leave every one else to themselves

James Hartline said...

I keep getting numerous postings from cults to publish their event notices. I am not the conveyor of false religious ideals. I normally get hundreds of posts for my blog. Normally, I post only a few. This discussion on Barak Obama and his promotion of homosexuality was an exception and I have allowed a fairly free flowing posting opportunity. However, that does not mean that I am going to allow myself to be used to promote false religious programs. Postings on cult events will not be published or advertised by me.

Anonymous said...

Yes James, these cults have no place in our community. As a member of the mainsteam Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence I invite you and your worshipers to come and experience the true joy of Christianity.

Sister Suicide Scareoke is a fundrasier produced by the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence every third Wednesday of the month at Bourbon Street Bar in University Heigths San Diego. Sign ups start at 9 and the show gets started 10pm. Founded in 2006. This month the money raised will benefit The StoneWall Citizens' Patrol and the Sisters Condom Fund.

The Sisters consider it our mission to ruin all detrimental conditions including complacency, guilt and the inability to laugh at oneself. Our mission to “Promulgate Universal Joy and Expiate Stigmatic Guilt” means that we endeavor to bring joy to the heart and liberation of the spirit wherever it is needed: in the bar, the bathhouse, the parade, the hospice, the youth shelter, the health center and the street. The Sisters as true nuns, follow in the footsteps of the women whom over the centuries, have dedicated their lives to selfless service for the betterment of their communities.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your reports and find them informative. You are right when you say if you truly love your brother you will try to disuade him from a life that will lead to hell. God bless you.