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San Diego Father Takes On San Diego Gay Pride Proclamation

Urgent Alert!
San Diego Father & Husband To Make His Stand For
Marriage and Family at the San Diego City Council.

Mike Farmer will speak out against Gay Pride Month
During Tues. July 15, 2008 San Diego City Council Hearing

Will You Stand With Mike?

San Diego City Council Chambers
202 "C" Street, 12th Floor
San Diego, CA. 92101

Mike Farmer, a 52 year-old father of four, is preparing to make the biggest public stand of his life next week when he leads the opposition to a San Diego City Council proclamation that will declare Gay Pride Month in the City of San Diego. The proclamation, item #30 on the council docket, is being proposed by Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders and Democratic Councilpersons Toni Atkins, Donna Frye and Scott Peters. The proclamation is to be voted on during the morning session of the Tuesday, July 15, 2008 San Diego City Council session.

While Sanders and the three ultra-liberal councilmembers are rabid advocates for tolerance and personal rights without responsibility, it appears that these governmental bureaucrats are unwilling to extend the same respect for the rights of Christian fathers like Mike Farmer.

One of the main events surrounding this year's homosexual celebration in San Diego, California that is bringing into question the legitimacy of the proclamation to honor the 34th annual Gay Pride celebration is the fact that a number of extremist, anti-christian bigots are being featured during the gay pride festival.

Kathy Griffin, who has earned a notorious reputation for using disgusting sexual taunts when referring to Jesus Christ during public speeches, has been censored in the past by numerous television networks because of her anti-christian hate speech. Yet, the San Diego City Council, along with Mayor Jerry Sanders, has deemed Griffin and the Gay Pride celebration worth granting a month long, city-approved celebration. The proclamation initiates gay pride banners being placed throughout areas of the city in recognition of Griffin and the rest of the Gay Pride parties.

In addition to the anti-christian tirades of Griffin, the gay festival and parade will promote xxx gay pornography, S & M leather sex, men who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church and male escort services. A number of circuit parties celebrating gay pride will be held at places like the San Diego Zoo. Gay circuit parties are notorious for their crystal meth use and blatant sexual activity. The Zoo Party occurs at the San Diego Zoo with no warning for parents with children who have booked their vacations around attendance at the zoo and will have no pre-existing knowledge of the gay pride event occurring at the same time that they are visiting the zoo.

Shockingly, the San Diego Gay Pride organization has also booked Peter Tatchell as a keynote speaker at their so-called "Human Rights Vigil" in Balboa Park. Tatchell is also being featured as the International Grand Marshal of the San Diego Gay Pride parade. Tatchell is considered by many in the Christian Conservative world to be one of the most radically dangerous and hateful anti-christian and anti-catholic bigots on the planet.

Peter Tatchell is featured on the San Diego Gay Pride website holding a photograph that reads: "Vatican Blocks Gay Human Rights At The U.N." Every Christian of conscience should be greatly concerned with the dark direction that Mayor Jerry Sanders and the San Diego Gay Pride organization is taking by embracing the radical socialist propaganda of people like Peter Tatchell. Tatchell is an Austrialian-born, British human "rights" activist who states that his inspiration comes from campaigners like Mahatma Gandhi, Sylvia Pankhurst, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X." One of the articles on Tatchell's website is titled "Porn Can Be Good For You."

Peter Tatchell also fits right in with the San Diego Gay Pride history of promoting the sexualization of minors. Some of the titles of the sex with minors articles featured by Tatchell on his website under the section "Age of Consent" include: "Lowering the unrealistic age of consent will help teenagers"; "AMNESTY BID FOR GAY SEX "OFFENDERS"; "AGE OF CONSENT BILL FLAWED"; "SEX RIGHTS FOR THE UNDER-16s"; and "I'M 14, I'M GAY & I WANT A BOYFRIEND." In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in one the biggest pedophile scandals in American history. That year, an investigation by the James Hartline Report led to revelations that a network of sex offenders was working for the San Diego Gay Pride organization. One of those pedophiles, "Marty the Clown," was hired by the San Diego Gay Pride organization to "entertain" young children in the event's Children's Garden.

A main component of this year's gay pride festival and parade will be attacks on those who are opposed to same-sex marriages. In fact, the San Diego Gay Pride website is featuring a link to the California Secretary of State website to let homosexual activists know which conservatives are contributing to the current campaign to ban same-sex marriage via an upcoming constitutional amendment vote. Same-sex wedding ceremonies will be celebrated throughout the official gay pride weekend. The real question for Christian and other pro-marriage advocates is whether they will remain silent in the face of the enormous attacks against traditional America during this radicalized and socialist weekend in honor of the rabid gay movement and same-sex marriages.

Mike Farmer, a dedicated Christian and member of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, the largest homeless church in California, refuses to stand on the sidelines while radical activists force his children to be taught in school that marriage is open to men committing sodomy with each other. Farmer is hoping that other Christian men, husbands and fathers will join him as he makes his speech before the San Diego City Council on Tuesday, July 15th.

"I don't want to be the only father and husband at the podium when I speak," says Farmer. "I hope other Christian men will stand with me as I fight for our marriages and our sons."

Mike Farmer is also hoping that other Christian leaders and concerned citizens will speak out against the Gay Pride Month proclamation. Speaker's slips can be turned in before the start of the council hearing on July 15th at 10am.

James Hartline, who has been leading teams to the San Diego City Council for seven years to fight the gay pride proclamations, is going to be speaking at a major conference during the city council hearing. "This will be my first time in seven years that I cannot be at the city council for this important battle against the homosexual movement. I almost feel like I am letting the Christians of San Diego down, but I know that Mike Farmer is a well-qualified and annointed man of God and He will do a great job in my place," says Hartline. "Mike Farmer and I are determined to save San Diego and our families, and I know that with God's help we will prevail in this trying time in our nation's history," Hartline adds.

Please, San Diego Christians, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives, Sons, Daughters and prayer warriors -- will you stand with Mike Farmer, as he makes the most courageous stand of his life to save our society?

The San Diego City Council - Tuesday - July 15, 2008, 10am
If you are not in the San Diego area, you can also watch the hearing live
on the internet by go to the following link:

Please arrive at the City Council Chambers at 9:30am if you would like
to speak and put in a speaker's slip. Remember parking is free for 3 hours
in Horton Plaza Parking Garage with a validated ticket.

San Diego City Council Chambers
202 "C" Street, 12th Floor
San Diego, CA. 92101

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Anonymous said...

In Luke 7:41-42 Jesus said, “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceives not the beam that is in thine own eye? Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is that is thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye”

For the 7th consecutive year some self-proclaimed spokesmen for the heterosexual community comes before the city council to tell them what is wrong with the homosexual community. This annual charade has no effect because our wise city leaders recognize the true purpose of this event; to divert attention from the scandals and immorality that exist within the heterosexual community.

Hartline complains about pornography in the gay community, yet heterosexual pornography is a huge business in San Diego. Strip clubs, adult book stores, and private erotic performers are a multi-million dollar business here in America’s finest city. Heterosexual prostitution, as any convention planner knows, is readily available on a scale that dwarfs the gay massage businesses. Heterosexual marriage is in disarray with a divorce rate of nearly 50 percent, rampant adultery, domestic violence, and child abuse. Heterosexual swing clubs contribute to the AIDS epidemic as do “men seeking women” ads on Craigslist. Thousands of heterosexuals abort their babies every year but don’t listen for cries of anguish from our local pulpits because they are too busy proclaiming the sins of the gay community.

Some of our local churches are nothing more than political machines that specialize in spewing out hate against gay people and thereby giving cover to the hypocritical behavior of the evangelical community. Fortunately our elected leaders in their wisdom just ignore these local gadflies who come before them each July with their self-righteous proclamations. I am making a stand for Jesus in 2008. When will the REAL Christians stand up?

Anonymous said...

These men are compelled to respond as he states he doesn't want his children to be taught something that is contrary to their beliefs. And if somebody feels compelled to tell the homosexual community about their freedom from that way of life then that is their right also. It's a tough thing to do, but I'm sure it is out of conviction and love for their fellow man that he does it. As followers of Christ we all come from different backgrounds and some can relate to others in such a way that others may not. Don't kill the messenger.