Sunday, October 17, 2010

James Hartline Protests taxpayer-funded celebration of witchcraft at UCSD pharmacy.

James Hartline Protests taxpayer-funded celebration of witchcraft at UCSD pharmacy.

At a University of California San Diego pharmacy that is funded by the state of California, employees decided to decorate and celebrate witchcraft throughout the pharmacy. Serving thousands of patients suffering with AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses, this particular hospital pharmacy may be the last place that some patients encounter before they die. However, that did not stop the pharmacy staff from hanging a black grim reaper on a noose from the ceiling, as well as skulls, black widow spiders, demons, witches, and staff wearing black witch hats and pagan witchcraft jewelry. Upon seeing these dark offerings to Satan, James Hartline immediately went into action to make his stand for his Lord.

In 2004, James Hartline had previously protested the UCSD AIDS clinic and its displays of Halloween. As a Christian, James does not feel that he should have to participate in witchcraft or Halloween when coming to the hospital. "I would not be allowed to put up crosses on the wall in celebration of my Christianity," says James. "And I do not feel that I should have to face images of death and satanism when coming to the hospital as I battle AIDS."

Because of Hartline's complaint in 2004, the hospital administration sent out a memorandum which forbids departments or staff from altering their work spaces without prior hospital approval. Hartline states that no approval was given in 2010 for the pharmacy to engage in celebrations of Halloween or witchcraft.

On Friday, the administrative director of pharmacies for UCSD confronted the pharmacy about violating hospital policy and the violating of Hartline's religious right not to be forced into displays of Halloween and witchcraft when coming to the AIDS clinic pharmacy.

It may not be easy confronting the works of the devil. Yet, what other course would a true Christian take?

I Am Making My Stand in My Generation for Truth and Righteousness. Have You Started Making Your Stand Yet?


Anonymous said...

OMG you can not be serious! Is this the Onion?!?!

# Xandria said...

Thank you James for standing up to hate. I am a born again witch and I am completely out of the broom closet. From the facts you gave in your post I can say that these people at the UCSD pharmacy are not dabbling in witchcraft. True witches do not believe in Satan. We certainly would not work or patronize a pharmacy because we use other more effective healing modalities. Generally witches do not dress up in the type of costumes shown in the picture, except in certain sacred rituals and Halloween parties. That display at UCSD is NOT a display of witchcraft but represents what some ignorant person THINKS is representative of witchcraft and as such it is pure hate and a form of bullying. Hopefully this display no longer exists.

True witches are generally not recognizable because we dress like most other people, we work in a diversity of occupations. Many witches are teachers, lawyers, and etc. Unlike gay people, we are recognized by the U.S. military and have no fear or being discharged because we are witches. Most witches work quietly in the background and work gently to change society. We do employ some powerful methods but we do NOT use evil, Satanism and public displays.

Blessed be