Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 2010 Election Winners of James Hartline's List of It's Not Hip To Be A Hypocrite Award - Hypocrite Award Recipient: Michael Crimmins

James Hartline Report: The 2010 Election Winners of James Hartline's List of It's Not Hip To Be A Hypocrite Award - James Hartline will be releasing his list of the most hypocritical candidates in this year's 2010 general elections.

Here is the first of many recipients of the 2010 It Ain't Hip To Be A Hypocrite Awards -- Michael Crimmins, Republican candidate for congress in San Diego's 53rd congressional district.

Michael Crimmins runs on a platform of associating himself with conservatives and military veterans. Crimmins has a very unhealthy habit of getting photos of himself with very famous people and then posting those photos on his campaign website - in a creepy sort of political groupie/stalker vein.

Spending a good deal of his time slithering around evangelical church groups seeking to get the Christian vote as part of his "get rid of Barbara Boxer and Susan Davis" rhetoric, Crimmins' usual campaign signs paint him as a typical conservative. Yet, the James Hartline Report documented the real snake that is Michael Crimmins when this photo was taken today of Crimmins' huge campaign billboard in the midst of San Diego's homosexual community. It reads, "Congress - Crimmins. Equality For All. Proudly Supported by Independents and Democrats."

Why would a Republican running as a military veteran - who posts numerous photos of himself in front of the Mt. Soledad Cross - use up valuable billboard space with the campaign slogan "equality for all" and "supported by Independents and Democrats"? And why would a candidate who was featured at the 2008 Prop 8 campaign to outlaw gay marriage in California advertise a campaign billboard in the midst of Hillcrest, San Diego's gay community, declaring "equality for all" in 2010?

And it ain't hip to be a hypocrite!


PLPointer said...

Sorry James, but you've gone over the top with this one. Shame on you for this knee-jerk judgment before researching. I hope you call Mr. Crimmins, get the full story, and then retract this with an apology.

Please consider that “Equality for All” also means: “Equal Justice Under Law”. You need not filter all statements through a homosexual filter. And, did you consider that even homosexuals are fed up with higher taxes and government regulations? Why shouldn’t a Conservative candidate put up billboards in North Park or Hillcrest? Susan Davis is arrogant to take the homosexual vote for granted.

As for being “Proudly supported by Democrats and Independents”, yes he is. There is an incredible amount of traditional Democrats and Independents across the country that are fed up with the Obama drive to take away our Constitutional rights, and they too have been sharing their disgust with Mr. Crimmins.

Please direct your considerable talents and writing skills toward defeating the true, Socialist enemies of our American freedoms: Susan Davis, Bob Filner, Nancy Pelosi, Dingy Harry, etc.

I know you can.

James Hartline said...

Dear PLPointer: Mr. Crimmins should consider himself fortunate that I didn't report on all the other horrible things that I have documented on him. Perhaps, the professing Catholic Crimmins will go to confession to deal with his other appalling sins that I did not report on, but the Prop. 8 flip flop to sniff out a gay vote or two, ala Lorie Zapf, is a good place to start.

As for me and my house: we will serve the Lord ALL of the time, not just at election time.

Anonymous said...

Kill the holier than thou act, James. If you have something on these people, spill it. Until you do, it's safe to assume you don't and you're just bearing false witness by implication.

PLPointer said...

Oh James... I'll pray for you.

There is/was no Prop. 8 flip/flop.

Father Joe has personally endorsed Mr. Crimmins (see his website:, as well as the very conservative Combat Veterans for Congress PAC (including Sarah Palin). And what is wrong with a Catholic visiting Evangelical churches? Isn't God's grace extended to 'whosoever'?

Please go after Susan Davis with the same vigor you show here.

As for me and my house: we will serve the Lord ALL of the time, not just at election time.

James Hartline said...

Father(?) Joe will endorse anything and everything that benefits his personal pocketbook. That is why he endorsed pro-abortion, pro-human embryonic stem cell, pro-homosexual Steve Francis. Father(?) Joe violates ever teaching of the Catholic Church to keep his cadillac driving apostasy full of corrupt gas. This is exactly why he has endorsed Lorie Zapf, another betrayer of Christ, another person who turned all Judas on Christ when a pot of political stew was served up to her. These people have no moral boundaries because their compromise knows no bounds.