Shocking Video of Mass Killings By Hamas in Gaza

The following is a shocking video, one of the most horrific you will ever see, of Hamas terrorists killing people in Gaza. This video is evidence of what these evil, al qaeda-like terrorists are really all about. Remember the videos of the beheadings by the wicked al qaeda terrorists in Iraq? Those images are reflective of the kind of radicalized Islamic terrorists who have taken over the Gaza and have fired over 6,000 rockets at innocent civilians in Israel over the last eight years.

This is the real story!

This is what Israel is fighting. If these evil Hamas terrorists get their way, they will destroy Israel and then, in the name of Iran, push forward to controlling the Middle East oil and its flow to Europe and the United States. This is why Israel must not give in to these radicals. This is why we cannot bow to the seductive and deceptive, pro-palestinian news stories put out by the liberal, anti-Israel media.

Watch and be shocked at the truth:


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