Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do Boycotts Work? Ours Is! Starbucks Is Feeling The Pain!

Nearly three years ago, we started a slow-growth boycott against Starbucks. The reason: Starbucks sponsors the San Diego Gay Pride events where small kids are exposed to porn companies, nearly naked male strippers, and a parade that features men dressed up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. Additionally, the Starbucks Foundation gives thousands of dollars each year to organzations that support abortion and the indoctrination of young kids into homosexuality. As Christians we cannot continue to support companies like Starbucks who are violating our Christian faith and desires for our youth. If Starbucks wants to destroy our nation's moral foundation, it will not do so with our money!

It is clear that Starbucks is feeling the effect of our boycott. Over the last three years, thousands of Christians and their churches have joined the James Hartline Report Action Center in boycotting Starbucks.

Do boycotts work? Absolutely, they work. Just read the following article from today's MSNBC report:
Starbucks to close all U.S. stores for training
Three-hour shutdown designed to educate, energize 135,000 workers

MSNBC staff and news service reports
SEATTLE - Starbucks is shutting its doors for three hours Tuesday night, the latest drastic step in a companywide bid to improve its sagging fortunes.
The shutdown is one of several big moves spearheaded by Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Schultz, who recently took back the reins of the company amid concerns that it was losing its edge and facing increased competition from the likes of McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts.
Schultz has said the shutdown, which begins at 5:30 p.m. local time, is a way to energize its 135,000 employees and provide some barista re-education in the "art of espresso" at its 7,100 U.S. locations.
In a memo to employees and the public, Schultz said the goal of the closure was to improve the so-called "Starbucks Experience" — the company's shorthand for its mixture of service, ambience and coffee that spurred its explosive growth and success in recent years.
"We are passionate about our coffee. And we will revisit our standards of quality that are the foundation for the trust that our customers have in our coffee and in all of us," Schultz wrote in a memo titled "Howard Schultz Transformation Agenda Communication #8."
The move comes about a year after a memo was made public in which Schultz openly fretted about whether the Starbucks brand was being watered down by changes including adding automated espresso machines and using pre-ground, pre-packaged coffee in stores. Both moves have robbed the stores of some of their aroma and romance but have allowed customers to get their caffeine fix more quickly.
Schultz, Starbucks' longtime chairman, has made several changes aimed at reviving Starbucks' growth since taking on the chief executive role in January.
Last week, the company announced that it was cutting 600 positions.
Starbucks also recently announced that it was droppping its hot breakfast sandwiches, which some customers liked but which many baristas said were smelly.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Evan said...

How does that possibly have anything to do with a boycott?

Starbucks seems full to me, but if things are slowing down, maybe that has something to do with the ECONOMIC CRISIS WE'RE FACING due to years of deregulated business at the hands of Republican politicans...