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San Diego Pro-Life Activist Scores Major Win Against Wealthy Pro-Abortion Family

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November 19, 2007

San Diego Pro-Life Activist Scores Major Win Against
Wealthy Pro-Abortion Family:
California-Based Ecke Ranch Will Greatly Reduce Local Production
Of Poinsettias, Two Years After James Hartline Began
Poinsettias Boycott Due To Eckes' Planned Parenthood Funding

(JHReport) A San Diego pro-life activist is declaring a major victory against a wealthy pro-abortion businessowner in San Diego, California. James Hartline, a nationally recognized pro-life activist, began a nationwide boycott two years ago against Ecke Ranch, America's leading producer of poinsettias. A January 2006 action alert issued by Hartline revealed that members of the Ecke Family had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. The alert entitled "Ecke's Ranch - America's Biggest Supplier of Poinsettias and One of the Biggest Family Financiers of Planned Parenthood" helped launch a massive nationwide boycott against Ecke's poinsettias.

This week, the San Diego Union Tribune reported that for the first time since the 1920's Ecke Ranch will not be directly producing a major crop of poinsettias at its Encinitas greenhouses during the Christmas season. According to the Union Tribune, Ecke Ranch, which is credited with popularizing the poinsettia as a Christmas flower, has licensed its name to Glendora-based Armstrong Garden Centers, which has growing facilities in Fallbrook and Orange County. Armstrong is producing the plants and will sell them under the Paul Ecke Ranch brand name.

The Union Tribune also reported that Paul Ecke III had a hard time with the diminished production of poinsettias at his facilities: “It was a tough decision,” said Paul Ecke III, the third generation of Eckes to head the ranch. “It was a little emotional. We're farmers. Seeing empty greenhouses doesn't seem natural.”

While Ecke is apparently troubled by the change in his flower business, he continues to aggressively support the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Along with Ecke matriarch Jinx Ecke, Paul Ecke III has given enormous sums of money to Planned Parenthood. According to the 2006 San Diego/Riverside Counties Planned Parenthood Annual Report, the Eckes were listed as Margaret Sanger Circle Donors to the organization. Margaret Sanger was the atheistic and racist founder of Planned Parenthood. At the same time that the Eckes continue to use their wealth to help exterminate pre-born infants, they are continuing to lure children into their flower empire. The Flower Fields Education Program in Carlsbad regularly attracts children from pre-school through 5th grade to the Ecke-based facility.

"I am convinced that our boycott has created major problems for Ecke Ranch," says Hartline. "Without churchgoers purchasing their poinsettias, the Eckes will have a real hard time getting that extra cash they need to fund Planned Parenthood. Babies are more important than giving the Eckes blood money for their poinsettias!" Hartline declares.

A second article written by James Hartline in 2006 entitled "How Christians Are Funding Planned Parenthood By Purchasing Poinsettias" caused thousands of Americans to stop buying poinsettias during last year's Christmas season. Hartline estimates that his boycott cost the Eckes $50,000 in poinsettia sales last year.

Hartline also states that a number of emails and telephone calls have continued to come into his office from pro-life groups asking for more information about the Eckes and their poinsettias. "It is clear that our boycott will continue to hurt the Ecke name and their poinsettia sales. I fully believe that the Eckes know that their name is bad news among pro-lifers. I believe their decision to license out their name is, in part, due to our ongoing boycott."

Hartline also believes that pro-lifers everywhere must continue to boycott Ecke products. "We must understand that the Eckes will continue to profit off of the poinsettias being produced by Armstrong Gardens, because the Ecke name will still be used."

Hartline also contends that his victory would not have been possible without the heroic efforts of other pro-life activsts in the San Diego area. "My role is to disseminate information about the horrific financing of Planned Parenthood by the Ecke Clan, and to motivate Christians to do something about that. The real heroes in the pro-life movement are people like Allyson Smith and Sue Lopez." Allyson Smith and Sue Lopez have been on the frontlines for years, protesting the murderous abortion mills of Planned Parenthood in San Diego County.

For Hartline, his war against the Ecke Family could end in one day if the Eckes would simply end their practice of funding Planned Parenthood. That doesn't seem likely, however. Family matriarch Jinx Ecke was once again listed on the 2007 San Diego County Planned Parenthood President's Council. The Council list was included on a flyer for Planned Parenthood's annual "education" fund luncheon benefit. "One day Mrs. Ecke will have to answer to God for all of the unborn babies that she helped to exterminate through abortion. I sure wouldn't want to be in her shoes when that judgment comes," warns Hartline.

James Hartline has proven that if pro-lifers will take their protests from the sidewalks to the corporate millionaires who are funding the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood, that a more comprehensive plan to defeat the abortion provider can be achieved. Hartline is an outspoken critic of abortion supporters who are elected to public office. He is currently running for a seat on the San Diego City Council to replace Democrat Toni Atkins. Atkins managed three abortion clinics prior to her election to the city council in 2000.

To Contact Armstrong Garden Centers to express your boycott of Ecke Products:
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