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The Journal of James Hartline Presents: "Seven Years in Sodom" -- From The Revolutionary Series, "The Chronicles of Sodom"

“In the last days I will restore their fortunes, both the fortunes
of Sodom and her daughters, and the fortunes of Samaria and her
daughters, and I will restore your own fortunes in their midst."
Ezekiel 16:53

Part 1 ~ It All Began With A Strange Dream ~

"Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and
abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen
the hand of the poor and needy." Ezekiel 16:49

It all began with a strange dream in 1999. The century was finally winding down and so were my thirty years of homosexuality. I had never asked to be ensnared in the homosexual life. Not many do. I had, however, asked God hundreds of times to help me get out. God did not disappoint me. His way of delivering me out of homosexuality came in a quiet, mysterious manner, rather than some spectaculor Hollywood marquee which shouted, "You're Free! You're Free!" When we are so desperately in need of a miracle, it is the tendency of the human condition to expect fireworks and symphonic displays of music when God responds to our pleas. During my many years of struggling with my sinful condition, I never even contemplated the idea that God would speak to me through a dream. Yet, that is exactly how He began the process of finally bringing me out of thirty years of suffering caused by the sin of homosexuality.

Now, there are some folks who have mocked me because I have claimed that God speaks to me through dreams. In fact, a few years ago, I had a man who is a ranking Republican official, and publicly professed Christian, who told me that if I wanted to succeed in the Republican Party I should keep quiet about my dreams. This reminds me of the Genesis account of the Hebrew boy Joseph. Joseph was the dreamer of dreams. Joseph was also greatly despised by his own family because he constantly reminded them that God spoke to him through dreams:

"And his brothers said to him, "Shall you indeed reign over us? Or shall you indeed
have dominion over us?" So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his
words." Genesis 37:8

In the end though, after being completely rejected by his family and sold into slavery, as well as being falsely imprisoned, God confirmed Joseph's visionary claims by raising him up to become the leader of the entire nation of Egypt.

The Bible tells us that dreams are the linguistic commerce of the spirit realm. Rather than questioning the credibility of one who hears from God through dreams, we are to understand that all Christians should be the regular recepients of God-sent dreams. Regarding the substantive role that dreams should play in the lives of all Christians, I have gained a better understanding of the spiritual reality of dreams and visions just as it is articulated in the Book of Acts:

‘“And in the last days it shall be,' God declares, 'that I will pour out my Spirit on all
flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall
see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.'" Acts 2:17

In that 1999 dream, the Lord revealed to me many significant spiritual insights which would lay the foundation for many of the cultural strategies that I would use in the ensuing years. The Lord indued me with a profound revelation of how I was to escape from the bondage of homosexuality. It was that revolutionary dream which triggered a series of events where I was led into the realized call of God for my life. It is amazing to me when I consider all of the information that God conveyed in that one dream. Incredibly, the Lord also conveyed to me a very specific and prophetic sign that I was to look for in future days. The Lord instructed me that this sign would show up at some point inside of San Diego's gay community as an indicator that the battle to liberate that community had turned in my favor.

Everything that God has shown me through my dreams -- the battles, the spiritual forces, governmental leaders, the deceivers -- all have manifested just as God had revealed them to me during my sleeping hours.

Part 2 ~ Spiritual Warfare In Sodom ~

One of the great battles that God has called me to in the last seven years was the war to shut down the gay sex club at 2200 University Ave. in the North Park area of San Diego's gay stronghold. The Lord revealed to me through a dream that the 2200 Club (formerly known as the Mustang Spa), was an altar to the devil. God explained to me in minute details how the Spirits of Ancient Sodom were being resurrected in San Diego through these gay sex clubs. In essence, these places are demonic altars which pay tribute to Satan. The Lord made it abundantly clear to me: "When that place falls, the battle to save the lives of the men who have been taken captive in this New Sodom will be turned in your favor."

The Lord also warned me that it would be a long and deadly battle between my stand for Christ and these wicked Spirits of New Sodom. Indeed, it was a long, arduous war. After long episodes of grieving prayer, fasting, and crying out in the public square, the 2200 Club was finally shut down. As the smoke cleared, it was evident that this satanic altar had been destroyed. So many men have died after being infected with the AIDS virus in hell holes like the 2200 Club. There really is no adequate way of describing the depressing loss of life that has occured as a result of the hundreds of homosexual bathhouses operating across America during the AIDS crisis. The Madmen of Sodom keep the doors of these death chambers constanly open.

When I began my campaign to shutter the doors of the 2200 Club (formerly known as the Mustang Spa), I just assumed that gay activists would be happy to have someone with the courage who was willing to stand up and fight to shut down the bathhouses. I was wrong. New Sodom's more vocal activists have responded with an irrational hate towards my efforts. The following video is just one such example of the total insanity that is germinating within the hearts and minds of New Sodom's architects: This unbelievable video is entitled James Hartline Closes The 2200 Club (by VioletNews).

This video was produced by one of the primary anti-christian defenders of the 2200 Club gay bathhouse. While he demands respect for the insane desires of those who have occupied the death chambers of places like the 2200 Club, he made this unbalanced statement about me during the filming of his video:

"....unfortunately his (Hartline's) several attempts at suicide were unsuccessful."

Part 3 ~ Citizenship In New Sodom ~

For a good portion of my early life I was a nobody, a pointless breath within a phantom existence. That gloomy belief about myself had even led me to the point of suicide many years ago. Farther down than my lowest point, is the dark mentality of the producer of the 2200 Club video who actually wanted my attempt at suicide to succeed. It is a sad, sad reality, but these are the kinds of devious thought processes which are running wildly rampant inside of the castles and black towers of New Sodom.

That is what makes my current journey through one of the dark centers of the universe all the more perplexing for the many who observe my citizenship in this resurrected Sodom. They claim that love for their community drives them to war against Christians. Yet, for many of them, they have really never known love, thus they have no point of reference to actually demonstrate love.

These are hard days for those in this invisible prison. I seem to be the only one bringing spiritual water to the prisoners of this Sodomic Archipelago known as Hillcrest, San Diego's gay community. Having spent so many of my younger years as a lost and needy beggar, I could have never envisioned myself one day being the conveyer of the eternal truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To preach the Gospel in word and deed is love. The Gospel will lead the fallen foe to heaven - it is their only hope. My enemies simply do not understand the great gift I am bringing to them. As I have said, they have really never known love, thus they cannot recognize my intentions for what they really are: love.

Part 4 ~ Resurrecting Sodom In The Last Days ~

The Bible says that in the last days, Sodom would rise again. For the world it is a bad sign to see Sodom remanifesting itself. For the Christian it means the end draws near. The roads inside of New Sodom are dangerous. Spiritiual robbers stand at the ready to kill, steal and destroy any wayward stranger. You must know the terrain to survive in Sodom. Just a word that questions the motives of Sodom's leaders and these same leaders will seeth in anger and rage in hateful rhetoric. Little by little, they are shedding all emotional restraint, much like the rattlesnake sheds its skin.

The hate towards Christianity has spread like a cancer across the morbid plains of New Sodom. And it is not limited to San Diego's gay community either. One website called Queerty recently published their list of the most despised Americans who oppose the homosexual movement. Among the Christians that the website attacked were myself, Alliance Defense Fund President Alan Sears, Bishop Wellington Boone, and Bishop Harry Jackson. In 2005, the Christian Post listed Bishop Jackson as one of the top 50 most influential Christians in America. Alan Sears and Bishop Boone have been used mightily all over the United States to advocate for the sanctity of marriage and the saving of religious liberties and unborn babies.

Despite giving my everything to the saving of the lives of men and women who are being spiritually neutered by the strong Spirits of New Sodom, no grace nor any good recognitions for my good works can be found on Queerty's website. Instead, the following vile dissertations attacking me are displayed:

Georgie wrote of me:
"This man is a f**king disgrace. He should be shot along with every other anti-gay
loser....""these activists can go straight to hell as far as im concerned they make
the world that much worse a place to live in."
Matthew S wrote of me:
"He is poster child of why we need to keep these freaks and their vile beliefs out of government."

Part 5 ~ The Thorn Bushes of New Sodom ~

After I was infected with AIDS in 1997, I eventually shifted from a life of self-endulgence to one of completely seeking the will of God for the remaining years I had left on this earth. In my many campaigns to shut down the businesses that are fostering the spread of the deadly HIV virus, I thought the gay community would surely appreciate the closing of the gay sex clubs. That was, perhaps, the most foolish conclusion I could have made. Contrary to the gay community's public claims, there is a vile support for these houses of death hidden within America's homosexual machine. Combining dogmatic anti-christian bigotry with a furious hunger for flesh, and one can see what is darkly blooming on the thorn bushes of New Sodom.

"I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem a horrible thing: they commit
adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth
return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the
inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah." Jeremiah 23:14

Here is how one anti-christian website recently displayed their contempt for my Biblical stand on the issue of homosexuality:

Moron of the Month!
"It is not November yet, but The Stubborn Curmudgeon has preemptively nominated
James Hartline as the Moron of the Month. Congratulations for winning a week ahead of the competition! Thanksgiving turkeys will be filled with Hartline fecal matter in your honor."

Part 6 ~ The Children of New Sodom ~

While we have been sleeping, these rotten voices, and even more rotten minds, have wreaked havoc upon the children of America. In their diabolical opposition to my rescuing of our generation's children from their blackened chokeholds, the Scouts of New Sodom have resisted me everyday, in everyway. It is this generation's great tug-of-war--and who gets control of the children--is the prize.

On some cloudy days, the rebellious citizens of New Sodom are so fearless in their immorality that it leaves me breathless. I recently reported on Mick Rabin, an elementary school teacher who proudly indoctrinates extremely young third grade students into accepting homosexuality as a way of life. There is no acceptability when contemplating the degradation these little lambs are being put through by Rabin. He is a soul stealer who is taking the little boys and little girls under his care and sending them to their spiritual slaughter. I have only heard my lone voice crying out in this long night on behalf of Rabin's victims: "My God! My God! Where will justice come from for these children? Who will save them? Who will help me in my stand for the innocent and undefended?"

I think about the price that must be paid to undo the damage being done to the youth who are being taken captive by Sodom's immoral evangelists. The bells in hell are ringing non-stop as the children of Sodom are being ensnared by the fleshly desires of their adult captors. What will it take to defeat the spirits of seduction which have built up the sulphuric walls of New Sodom into the high-walled fortress that it has now become? Each time a lie has been told in New Sodom, another brick has been added to its walls. The walls are hopelessly high and the consciences of New Sodom's citizens are painfully seared.

"What will it take to set these captives free?" I have asked God, time after time after time. Each time, the answer is the same, the commandment of God just as sure: "If you love them, lay down your life for them."

Part 7 ~ The Devil's Grip ~

The task at hand is getting more severe. The devil's grip on the minds of Sodom is more tight, more vicious. Most have given up resistance. They are now enslaved in an unholy pit that few will ever be able to climb out of. For me, I know that I was the recepient of great, great mercy, to the point that I got free before the deception could wield its completed assignment. For these other sad souls, they are much like the Jews in 1937 Germany. The devil has them and they have very little time to get out before the end of this age closes its last chapter.

Already the terrors are gathering steam. There is no doubt that we have entered into the last vestiges of the age of grace. The clock reads two minutes until midnight. The spirit of hate is rampant inside of New Sodom. One needs to only look back on the black waters of the Third Reich to get a clear look at the Sodomic plot against the Christians in America. Christians who uphold the full truth of the Bible are hated with a bitter rage inside of New Sodom. This kind of rage did not result from any offense committed by Christians. This foul rage roars out of a demonic principality that has been given refuge inside of the hearts and minds of the welcoming rebels of New Sodom. For over seven years I have been the target of that rage. I have seen it up close. The hairs on my arms of faith have been singed by the fires of such rage.

I think part of their anger has come from the disappointed outcome of so many men who have grown older in their homosexuality and are no longer wanted by the young lions who prowl about Sodom's alleys and altars. There is bitter disappointment in New Sodom. Once the gay male has lost his youthful appearance, he is cast aside like trash by those who rate men like the butcher rates a cut of beef. Rejection is rampant in Sodom and the rejected are angry over it.

Then there are the teenagers who are being lured into New Sodom. Their parents cry and wail at Sodom's gates, "Give me back my boy! Give me back my girl!" They pound on the city's gates, crying out, weeping over their lost sons and their wayward daughters. Their captors howl and shriek with unrepentant laughter, "Never! they are now ours, they are now the Rainbow Children!" The young ones are now held in chains, chains that began with promises of money, sex and drugs. At the end of the party, when they thought they could just dance their way back to a more sedentary path, the children could not pull their limbs free from the cold steel chains of their bondage. Their dismayed eyes rolled up into their heads to search for a place to hide.... only to find a vision of a coffin lurking there with their names on it.

Over the past seven years I have tried to fight for the deliverance of the children. I have had some success. And sadly, not enough victories. The Hillcrest Youth Center is still open and still taking captive this young generation, enshrining in their fertile minds, seeds of destruction, seeds of lies and roots of bitter futures."

Many of the children wander aimlessly into Hillcrest, having runaway from abusive homes and into the waiting arms of older lesbians and hungry gay males. Some of the teenagers already have warn out carcasses, having sold their underage bodies for money, drugs and even food. The greater Sodomic area is home to over 100 registered pedophiles and other dangerous sex offenders. They easily mingle with Hillcrest's other residents. No one questions the presence of the predators because all who make gay pride their religion are welcomed with open arms. The predators know where the Hillcrest Youth Center is located at and believe me, they have marked off all paths leading to where the kids come and go. These shadow predators are lawless and they are reprobate.

Part 8 ~ The Judgements of Sodom ~

"All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way;
And the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53:6

It seems that the whole land has gone astray. There is never a day that goes by without me asking, "How have so many gone so far from God so quickly?" God has been vanquished from their reasoning. Indeed, they have become godless. I believe it is only out of necessity that they cover up their real state of mind and their true intentions. They are anti-christian to the maximum. In my old days of sexual immorality, there was always glimmers of hope that I would one day be delivered from homosexuality. I never went this far to the dark side.

When the angels of God came to tell Abraham that Sodom's end had come, that God was about to destroy it because the stench of its wickedness had risen to heaven, Abraham pleaded for more time, more grace for the Sodomites. Like old Abraham, I plead for more time. Yet, I know that no matter what I do, there is little time left. I know how difficult it was for me to get out of homosexuality. I had many years of Bible study to draw from that helped me to get out of the gay life. For most men and women who are still held captive, they have little, if any, Biblical knowledge. Thus, the task of bringing delilverance to them in such a short time will only occur by some extraordinary miracle, something not seen upon the earth before. The devil will not let Sodom's children go without a struggle to the death. Perhaps this war to free them will cost me my life. I won't hesitate for I have fully embraced the true meaning of life: For there is no greater love than this: a man who will lay down his life for his brothers and sisters. And my arms are willingly open wide for the children of Sodom to go free. And at the end of my journey on this earth, nothing else will really have any earthly value to me except this kind of liberating love.

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