Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VIDEO by AIDS Patient James Hartline after UCSD Hospital Security Chief Calls Hartline After Retrieving Stolen Wallet - But With No Apology

After being abused and having his constitutional rights violated by UCSD Hospital security guards, James was sent home with no wallet and a bus token for transportation. Two hours later, the head of security for the hospital called James to inform him that his wallet had been retrieved from the woman who stole it at the pharmacy window. The security chief said that the theft happened right in front of the pharmacy staff and after the security chief reviewed the video of the pharmacy, they were able to track down the woman. At no time, did any hospital security staff apologize to James for their mistreatment of him. James now has his wallet and documents this abuse against an AIDS patient at a hospital that makes millions of dollars in profits based upon their public claim of being one of the leading hospitals for compassionate care of those suffering with H.I.V.


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