Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SHOCKING VIDEO of AIDS Patient James Hartline Abused By UCSD Hospital Security

Here is the shocking video of AIDS patient James Hartline who had broken down emotionally at the UCSD Hospital after his wallet was stolen at pharmacy window on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Six weeks earlier, James had a near-death experience when his gall bladder almost ruptured and he had to have emergency open-abdomen surgery, resulting in his being hospitalized for seven days and losing sixteen pounds. James is already suffering from AIDS and low weight wasting. It is truly an appalling sight to watch as not one UCSD employee would help James retrieve his stolen wallet which was taken right in front of a pharmacy employee at the pharmacy counter. When James would not stop crying and he refused to leave the hospital lobby until his wallet was returned, security guards were called in. Instead of dealing with James as the victim of a crime, the security officers began to threaten and abuse James to force him out of the hospital lobby. When the security guards realized that James had his IPAD turned on and the entire episode was being recorded, they began to intensify their degrading bullying and assault against James. The guards even attempted to physically take James' IPAD from his hands, violating several of James' constitutional rights. Finally, a security supervisor was called in and he gave James a bus token to go home with a promise that he would look for his wallet. A distraught James left without his wallet. In America, is this how patients and victims of crimes are supposed to be treated by taxpayer-funded hospital workers?

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Murtad Murtad said...

James, that was terrible ! BTW, I just found out about you accidently via a 6 year old Youtube video. You are a courageous man and you lifted up my spirit. However, you do not look ill in this report. Are you OK? What can I do to help? Is there something I can do?

Your brother in Christ