Friday, May 04, 2012

Why does Mormon Cult bishop Mitt Romney flip flop so much without any sense of wrongdoing? It's called the Mormon Cult tactic "Lying For The Lord."

Why does Mormon Cult bishop Mitt Romney flip flop so much without any sense of wrongdoing? It's called the Mormon Cult tactic "Lying For The Lord."

The Mormon Cult and Mormon Cult Bishop Willard "mitt" Romney are using the Mormonism doctrine called "Lying For The Lord" as a propaganda tactic to hide Romney's lifetime goal of slowly bringing the American government under the umbrella of their religious cult. That is why Mormon Cult Bishop Mitt Romney can flip flop on political issues on a regular basis and feel no guilt about doing so. One day, Romney says that he is against gay marriage and the next day he is hiring homosexual activists to run his campaign. That is why Romney and his wife can donate to Planned Parenthood and then the next day claim they are pro-life. That is why Romney keeps tens of millions of dollars in the bank and then does a press conference claiming he is just one of the unemployed working middle class. That is why Romney can give millions of dollars to the Mormon Cult and $10,000 to the organization that seeks to put bans on gay marriage on the ballot and the next day do a press conference declaring his unwaivering support for the separation of church and state.

You can always tell where a snake has been by the skin it has shed. And you can always tell where Romney has been by the stench of his deception that is floating in the air. Lying for the Lord refers to the practice of lying to protect the image of and belief in the Mormon religion, a practice which Mormonism itself fosters in various ways. From Joseph Smith's denial of having more than one wife, to polygamous Mormon missionaries telling European investigators that reports about polygamy in Utah were lies put out by "anti-Mormons" and disgruntled ex-members, to Gordon B. Hinckley's dishonest equivocation on national television over Mormon doctrine, Mormonism's history seems replete with examples of lying. Common members see such examples as situations where lying is justified. For the Mormon, loyalty and the welfare of the church are more important than the principle of honesty, and plausible denials and deception by omission are warranted by an opportunity to have the Mormon organization seen in the best possible light. This is part of the larger package of things that lead many to describe Mormonism as a cult. "Lying for the lord" is part of Mormonism's larger deceptive mainstreaming tactics, and conversion numbers would drastically lower if important Mormon beliefs were fully disclosed to investigators.

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WatercolorsAngel said...

I do not know If it is really fair to single out the Mormons as being this way. After all, my previous job at a Cleaning Service was owned and managed by a pair of sister, who were Right-Wing Republican Christian (not Mormon)who actively lied, cheated and stole from employees who they judged to be guilty of either 'Witch Craft' or 'Goons'--a.k.a. spies or 'sabators' secretly hired by an Ex-husband to destroy the company.