Monday, May 28, 2012

The Legacy of Harvey Milk: 918 Murder Victims

The Legacy of Harvey Milk: 918 murder victims. To the bitter end, homosexual pedophile Harvey Milk continued to publicly advocate for Jonestown cult leader Rev. Jim Jones. Using his influence as an elected member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Milk wrote a letter to then-president Jimmy Carter, demanding that investigations into Rev. Jones' cult compound in Guyana be stopped. Shortly after Milk wrote the letter to President Carter, Rev. Jones ordered the mass execution of 918 of his cult members. In addition to his partnership with the deadly People's Temple Cult of Jim Jones, Harvey Milk was an avowed homosexual predator of underage teen boys.

Despite all of his evil behaviors, that did not stop homosexual Republican San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio from recently voting yes to honor Harvey Milk with an official street in San Diego - now named Harvey Milk Street. Why is the San Diego Republican Party endorsing Harvey Milk supporter Carl DeMaio as the next mayor of San Diego? Why are San Diego megachurches like The Rock Church and Skyline Church allowing Carl DeMaio to use their churches as campaign pit stops during crowded and voter-rich Sunday morning services? Why are church leaders helping to elect the homosexual Carl DeMaio despite DeMaio having a gay sex lover who has business ties to the gay pornography industry? Why are big named catholic attorneys like Charles LiMandri demanding society uphold Catholic Church teachings on morality, but then LiMandri turns around and endorses homosexual DeMaio to become the next mayor of San Diego and he gives DeMaio's campaign $500?

Read the James Hartline Report which details Carl DeMaio's activism at the San Diego Gay Center during the search for missing teenager Chelsea King:

Homosexual Politicians and Activists Party At San Diego Gay Center as the rest of San Diego Desperately Searches For Missing 17 Year-old Chelsea King

Carl DeMaio maybe a-okay with homosexual pedophile Harvey Milk supporting mass murderer Jim Jones, but as a Christian voter, are you?

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