Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jersey Swhores: The Romney/Christie Scandal

James Hartline Report on Twitter  - Jersey Swhores: The Romney/Christie Scandal - Dughi, Hewit And Palatucci, the law firm that New Jersey governor Chris Christie worked at for fifteen years prior to becoming governor of New Jersey has extensive, longtime financial and political ties to Mitt Romney.
And the scandal may grow as voters learn that Chris Christie's brother Todd Christie has extensive ties to Palatucci who was a partner in the same firm. Todd Christie has a very long history of corruption in the state of New Jersey and raising big dollars for liberal pro-homosexual and pro-abortion Democrats and Republicans. 
Read The History of Todd Christie's New Jersey Corruption here
This is the rotten fruit that is now being embraced by Mormon Cult Bishop Mitt Romney as he proudly drinks the tainted tea of Chris Christie's New Jersey Tea Party.

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