Thursday, October 13, 2011

God said to me, "Do not be silent regarding the matter of satanic Mormonism and its political tentacles.

God really impressed upon me a number of years ago that if we allow a member of a satanic cult to gain control of the White House, then that would be a very, very evil stain upon our nation. God said to me, "Do not be silent regarding the matter of satanic Mormonism and its political tentacles."

The people that funded the Prop 8 campaign are covered in Mormon Cult money and it is a great stench in the nostrils of God. Pastors, hungry for the wealth offered by the demon servants of the Mormon leadership, took vast sums of money from the Mormon Cult during the Prop. 8 marriage campaign. The National Organization for Marriage is a front group for the Mormon Cult that is being used to infiltrate evangelical churches under the guise of "saving one man-one woman marriage". During a weak economy, Mormon money provides a tempting, but corrupt source of revenue for pastors who are more interested in maintaining their building projects and salaries then they are in an allegiance to the truth of Biblical scripture. That is why you see National Organization for Marriage leaders like Brian Brown campaigning for the presidential campaign of billionaire Mormon Cult Bishop Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is in covenant with the demons of the Mormon Cult, he has made oaths to Lucifer inside of that dark tabernacle and he carries that hellish spiritual annointing with him wherever he plants his feet. 

Satan comes in the form of an angel of Light: the angel Moroni. The grave deception being perpetrated by pastors who are taking money from the Mormon Cult via the "marriage amendment" is that they claim there is nothing wrong with "partnering with Mormons for a common cause." That is exactly what Satan wants: Christians making partnerships with cults so that the devil's demons can have free reign to destroy God's purposes on this earth. The Mormon Cult was founded by demons and is inhabited by demons. 

The Bible says this, "what does light have in common with darkness? What does the servant of God have in common with the servants of Belial?" The love of money in building megachurches and political agendas to further the cause of money - is the root of great, great evil and is at the heart of the pastoral partnership with the Mormon Cult.

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