Wednesday, July 14, 2010

James Hartline's New Series: The Whores of Babylon - San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts Uses Taxpayer Funds To Co-Opt Asian Vote

Ron Roberts is standing next to the Buddhist monk. Always the dapper dresser (Roberts, not the monk) Ron Roberts has earned a notorious reputation for misusing tax dollars for his personal jaunts to Asia.

In this photo, Roberts attended this very recent Buddhist prayer event in San Diego during his taxpayer funded working hours. Is this what the voters approved Roberts to be doing when they elected him?

How many tax dollars did San Diego County Supervisor and former mayoral candidate Ron Roberts use while attending this Buddhist religious event. Why are the police attending the event? Were they praying against the gang activities and drug dealers in the area? Is this approved behavior in the San Diego police department? And who is paying the salaries of these people to engage in religious activities in San Diego while the government is going bankrupt?

Oh, by the way, Ron Roberts wants your vote for his re-election in November - just so he can get more tax subsidies for shrimp rolls and chow mein during his "business" trips to Beijing.

Ron Roberts declares in the following video that voters should trade in their old lawnmowers for new ones. Let's remember that when we go to the voting booth in November.


Anonymous said...

Who knew Hartline was an anti-Asian bigot?

Anonymous said...

Ron Roberts is running against Steven Whitburn - so yes please vote for the openly gay Whitburn!

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is your complaint James? Are you against our elected officials praying during working hours or are you against praying to Buddha? Would it be OK if Mr. Roberts was praying to Jesus instead of Buddha?

The city is so deep in debt that any help would be welcome whether it comes from Buddha or Jesus or even the flying spaghetti monster. Our elected officials should be reaching out to all segments of our city population and that includes Asians, Buddhists, Christians, and Atheists. If seems that increasingly you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with something to complain about. Lighten up!!

Anonymous said...

James, Asians are 15.6 % of the population in San Diego. Asians pay taxes, perhaps more taxes than most white people do, and they deserve to be represented by our government officials.

James here is something for you to think about.
Buddha said:
"Blessed is he who finds happiness in his own foolishness. For he will always be happy".