Thursday, February 25, 2016

Donald Trump: The Most Dangerous and Sinister Billionaire in America

The James Hartline Report - The Most Dangerous and Sinister Billionaire in America and The Greedy Pastors Who Have Taken 30 Pieces of Silver From Him To Betray Christ -- Donald Trump is Preparing To Taking The Stand in his Fraud Trial Where He is Being Sued For Bilking Thousands of Students Out of Millions of Dollars in His Now Shut Down Trump University. I have done more extensive investigative research on Donald Trump than anyone else that I know. I am so disgusted with Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr and a host of other pastors who have been "laying hands" on Trump to anoint him and endorse him. It is repulsive and vile that these people pimp their books, churches and Christian schools for profit on tv and then they turn around and endorse this man with all of the vile things he is involved in. They have made backroom deals with Trump for 30 pieces of accursed silver just as Judas did to betray Christ. If there is an antichrist alive right now, it is Trump along with the current Pope as his false prophet.

Trump has abused his first two wives and is married to a 3rd wife who is a woman who has changed her name three different times, she is from the European country of Slovenia and she used to do soft porn photo shoots and just became a U.S. citizen in 2006, a year after Trump married her. She is a creepy woman and I have seen shocking photos of her when Trump first met her when she was very young and looked nothing, absolutely nothing, like she does now. She is a foreigner who would have access to some of America's highest security clearances and access to top intelligence secrets without hardly anyone in America even knowing who she is. Trump also impregnated his mistress Marla Maples, the woman he was having a sexual affair with while married to his first wife Ivanka. After Trump dumped his first wife and had impregnated Maples, he married her and then dumped her and the baby after being married to her for six years. While single, Trump had multiple sexual affairs with other women. In 2000 Trump registered with the Reform Party in preparation to run for the president that year, but pulled out of running. During the ensuing years, Trump and his children poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of the most liberal pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Democrats in America including Hillary Clinton and over $40,000 into the 2013 campaign of Obama-lite New Jersey Democratic senator Cory Booker.

Trump has one of the most repulsively anti-christian business careers in American history. In 2009, Trump went on a tirade of angry activism for gay marriage after Prop 8 passed in California in 2008. In 2009 during the Miss USA pageant that Trump owned at the time, he destroyed the career of evangelical Christian Miss California Carrie Prejean because she opposed gay marriage. It was well known during the 2009 Miss USA pageant that Prejean opposed gay marriage. She was also the frontrunner to win the Miss USA title that year. During the 2009 pageant, Trump hired vile, anti-christian homosexual activist Perez Hilton as one of the pageant judges in order to destroy Prejean and prevent her from winning the crown. In first place heading into the final five questions, Prejean's question was given to her by homosexual Perez Hilton. Earlier in the day, Trump had allowed Perez Hilton to pack the audience with gay activists in preparation for Perez Hilton targeting Prejean. Hilton asked Carrie Prejean this final five question, "Since Vermont recently became the first state to legalize gay marriage, do you believe that gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states?" Carrie responded, "In my home and in my heart I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman in this country, that is what I believe." Hilton sneered at her and the packed gay audience immediately began to boo her right on cue as Trump and Hilton had planned it. This cost her the crown, she got first runner up. Miss South Carolina won. The next day, homosexual and Trump employee Perez Hilton made a vile YouTube video where he called Carrie Prejean "a dumb bitc*" and he said, "if she had won the crown, I would have run up on the stage and snatched it off her head even if it might have gotten me arrested, she's a dumb bitc*." Donald Trump did nothing about Perez Hilton. Instead, he hired porn star Shanna Moakler to be the new manager for Carrie Prejean to book her appearances for the rest of the 2009 year as Miss California. Knowing she was a Christian, Trump had Moakler book Prejean to appear at adult entertainment events. When Carrie said she would not show up for those kinds of events, Trump fired Carrie Prejean as Miss California for failing to appear at events scheduled by Moakler, thus ending any possibility that she would be named Miss USA if the
winner from South Carolina should win Miss Universe and as first runner up, Prejean would then replace her as Miss USA. Porn star Shanna Moakler than did interviews where she cursed Carrie Prejean with very vile statements such as, "I hope Carrie Prejean gets pregnant and has a bunch of gay children."

In 2014, Donald Trump appeared on the vile, blasphemous roast program of the Comedy Channel where Trump and the other performers mocked Christians, used horrific profanity and Trump can be seen laughing at jokes made about Sarah Palin's baby with Down Syndrome.

Currently, Donald Trump is being forced to take the stand in the next two months in a major fraud trial against him where he is being sued by thousands of students who he bilked millions of dollars from at his now shut down fraud Trump University. Trump used the same fake "I am really rich and I will make you really rich" junk bond language he is using in his presidential campaign to lure thousands of students into spending small fortunes to attend his university, but the students got nothing, but a bunch of financial charges and junk, worthless Trump materials. It is also charged that Trump threatened to destroy the woman who is the lead litigant in the case she brought against Trump during a secret deposition of him in preparation for the upcoming trial. The Details of The Upcoming Trump Fraud Trial

Today, Mormon Cult billionaire Mitt Romney said that he believes there is a major bombshell in Trump's income tax returns and that all candidates should immediately disclose their tax returns to force Trump to disclose to the public what the bombshell is. Trump has refused to reveal any of his tax returns, constantly using delay tactics and manipulative statements to avoid doing so as the primary elections progresses.

This is just a portion of the information I have on Trump who I believe is a very wicked, demonic person. It is outrageous that any Christian is supporting this creepy Frankenstein Democrat.