Monday, December 23, 2013

San Diego's 2014 Election: Ex-Gay Christian James Hartline vs Gay Carl DeMaio's Duck Dynasty Scandal

I was born and raised in California. I have fought and labored on behalf of things I feel are in the best interest of San Diegans for many years. I made great sacrifices to fight for the preservation of the Mt. Soledad Cross atop the Veterans War Memorial. Many of us prayed hundreds of hours, labored for votes and rallies and fought courageously in the face of a vicious and insidious atheist attack to tear down the Mt. Soledad Cross in its current location. Carl DeMaio was in San Diego during our efforts and he was nowhere to be found, nor did he offer us a single bit of help. It is a hideous and vile thing for political prostitute Carl DeMaio to now show up and trash our honor and legitimate claim of saving the Mt. Soledad Cross with his sociopathic manipulation of the voters on this matter. 

I will not remain silent as antichristian Carl DeMaio attempts to steal the issue of the Mt. Soledad Cross to satisfy his completely self-serving addiction to get elected to congress.

And don't get me started about last year's "DeMaio Does Duck Dynasty" scandal to swindle votes out of evangelical Christians with the help of NOM anti-gay attorney and Mt. Soledad Cross defender Charles LiMandri. Limandri gave the alleged anal-shy Carl DeMaio's failed 2012 mayoral bid $500 in exchange for DeMaio's quid pro quo promise that he wouldn't support homosexual issues as mayor if the pastors supported his mayoral run. $500, must be the going rate for political prostitutes on the lower end of the scale. Even Bob Filner charged more, but a hooker is a hooker no matter which church pew or seedy hotel room the dirty dead is negotiated. 

It took DeMaio about two weeks to break his vow of political celibacy to LiMandri when he showed up at the 2012 San Diego Gay Pride Parade with his porn promoting gay lover Johnathan Hale. The gays responded by turning their backsides on DeMaio and his parade contingent of pimps, players and part-time gay haters. As I correctly predicted last year, my reporting on the LiMandri-DeMaio "le coup de foudre" betrayal of Christian and Transvestite voters would defeat Demaio's 2012 mayoral run. 

As desperate as he was in 2012, the carpetbagging, bathroom stall toe tapping Carl DeMaio is just as desperate in 2013. When voters didn't think DeMaio could dig any deeper into Tony Krvaric's rectal playbook, he digs just a little deeper and pulls out the 2004 re-elect Dick Murphy-Mt. Soledad Cross get out the vote party guide. 

All of these users and abusers of San Diego voters are perpetual hypocrites who disgust me and they disgust The Lord who died on the cross and the men who died on the battlefield as represented in the Mt. Soledad cross. The corruption has to go in this city and I intend to lead the broom squad to sweep out all of the dirt.

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