Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Gideon Principle: A Photo Collection Documenting James Hartline's Four-Year Battle To Shut Down a Gay AIDS Factory Sex Club in San Diego

The Gideon Principle: A Photo Collection Documenting James Hartline's Four-Year Battle To Shut Down a Gay AIDS Factory sex club where he and hundreds of men were infected with AIDS. Risking his own life to save many others, The Gideon Principle will be Hartine's upcoming book and documentary of shutting down an altar devoted to the devil and the redemption of that location with a new $3 million holistic veterinary hospital.


Anonymous said...

This amounts to: The selective memories of a religion-added professional welfare queen, thief, hypocrite, bug chaser, liar, crackpot, mental case and re-closeted homosexual.

Anonymous said...

>>>You don't hear the atheist hypocrites who tried to tear down Mt. Soledad Cross utter a peep about feds giving $75K here

You pathetic anti-semitic, uneducated, class-free idiot.

It's not on public land and there's nothing wrong with preserving real cultural treasures and landmarks, as opposed to scams like that cheesy Soledad xtian double-cross.

Anonymous said...

>>>JamesHartline: Another confirmation of what I have already said: the backroom deal is done & Rick Perry is readying his 2012 campaign.

Amazing. You have the political and prophetic insights of a decaying horse's apple. Google it, if you don't get what that implies.

Susan Nasus said...

Hey, so you seem to have the wisdom to help with something, since I just happened to stumble across your page. You are a dedicated Christian, so let me know which ways you've coped with these parts of the Good Book?

Now I was taught as a kid "it is not for you to question!". But I feel like I would not have been given this life, and this mind, if I'm not supposed to use it as it clearly was designed to be used! To examine, consider, ponder, learn and wonder! There is so much joy in wonder and learning! And I also know that I am not supposed to dismiss the OT, because for Genesis, to the 10 commandments and MUCH more, to the fact that Jesus said he was not overturning those laws.

Anyways, any ideas for how you have dealt with such things will be greatly appreciated!

In His name,


Who You Should Kill

--Unruly or rebellious child. Deut 21:20-21
--Those who curse or hit their parents. Lev 20:9, Ex 21:15
--Worshipers of other gods. Deut 13:6-11
--psychics, witches. Lev 20:27, Deut 13:6-11,Ex 22:18.
--Those who do not believe in Jesus (parable). Luke 19:27.
--Those who work on the Sabbath. Ex 35:2 (Moses kills a gentile for this. Num 15:32-36.)
--Those who are accused by at least two people of wickedness. Deut 17:6.
--The children and babies of enemies. Num 31:17, Deut 20:13, Psalm 137:9, Lev 26:29.
--Adulterers. Lev 20:10.
--Homosexuals. Lev 20:13.
--A woman who is not a virgin when married. Deut 22:13-21.
--Those who are careless with murderous livestock. Exodus 21:29.

Who You Should Hate

--Those who eat crab or shrimp. Lev 11:10.
--Those who sacrifice an animal to God that has a blemish. Deut 17:1.
--Those who remarry the same person after divorce. Deut 24:4.
--Homosexuals. Lev 18:22.
--Those who are proud. Prov 16:5.
--A woman who wears pants. Deut 22:5.
--A man with long hair (Jesus?). 1Cor 11:14 contradicts Num 6:5, 1Sam 1:11, Jug 13:5.
--those who call others fools Mat 5:22

Should we still Follow these Commands?

--All OT laws still apply in NT. Matt 5:17-19


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