Monday, April 25, 2011

"I Want My 19 Seconds" - James Hartline's Battle For Free Speech with America's Most Corrupt Mayor

"I Want My 19 Seconds" - James Hartline's Battle For Free Speech with America's Most Corrupt Mayor

In 2009, La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid issued a political hit against La Mesa city councilwoman Ruth Sterling because of her stand against Madrid's chronic corruption and public alcoholic episodes. Madrid attempted to bring in a "stacked" deck of homosexual speakers to attack Councilwoman Sterling, who is a Christian Conservative, during public comment.

Madrid had attempted to use the council meeting to personally belittle and degrade Sterling by unethically bringing in numerous homosexual activists to celebrate the San Diego gay pride parade, a non-La Mesa city event. He did this by using Councilwoman Sterling's honorable and humbling public renouncement of her previously issued letter of support for the San Diego Gay Pride events.

Councilwoman Sterling had admitted that she did not know at the time the letter of support had been requested by gay pride activists, that the parade and festival were full of pornography businesses, degrading sexual images being forced on very young children, the mocking of Christians by gay pride atheists and the celebration of the destruction of marriage by gay activists. Madrid, in his typically corrupt manner, tried to block all attempts to allow a defense of Sterling during the meeting by filling up the 30 minutes of public comment time so that James Hartline could not speak during the meeting.

James Hartline was the first person to show up and sign up to speak for this particular council meeting, but Madrid allowed other speakers to use up the council time so that Hartline couldn't be called to speak at the podium. Madrid also attempted to blackball James Hartline from speaking at the meeting. Hartline, who signed up first on the public comment speaker list, stood his ground by demanding that the remaining 19 seconds of the city council meeting be given to him after Madrid attempted to conclude all public comment and block Hartline from speaking. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN!


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>>>@DaveMaass In the U.S. mercy triumphs over judgment re: protection of gays in prisons. Thus, the U. S. must protect him if his claim is true

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