Thursday, December 24, 2009

James Hartline Forces City of San Diego To Remove All Adult Porn Ads From Public Bus Kiosks

James Hartline's Early Christmas Gift to the parents and the Kids of San Diego. Here is a powerful, but effective statement, regarding the victory that has been accomplished by the hand of God through the ministry of James Hartline. The picture above is a photograph of the new advertisement put up to replace the gay porn business ad that was displayed at this public bus stop. The ad now reads in bold letters: "90% of a Child's Brain Develops by Age 5." As a result of James Hartline's recent campaign, all of the adult porn ads have been removed from the public bus kiosks in the City of San Diego. Hartline had called the San Diego Municipal Transit System over a week ago to let them know that a big problem was underway with the City of San Diego advertising porn businesses near public schools and bus stops used by the public school system. The transit marketing department WAS NOT cooperative. Additionally, it must be noted that Harry Mathis, a former San Diego City councilman and rabid advocate FOR gay marriage is the city appointed chairman of the city's transit board.

Porn ads for Hustler and Mankind, a gay porn company, had been displayed directly where they could prominently be seen by young kids and offended parents.

On the same block as the Grace Lutheran Child Development Center, as well as the bus stop used by scores of young minors each day, the City of San Diego had placed the life size ad for Mankind at the bus kiosk. Mankind is a vile gay pornographic business that sells explicit and obscene gay porn including porn where men do not use condoms during the filming of their sex acts. The state of California is currently investigating the adult entertainment industry and the hazardous employment conditions being created by the adult porn industry violating state laws because performers are not using condoms during filming.

Amazingly, the City of San Diego did not mind putting ads for the adult pornography industry near public elementary schools even though their new governmental advertisement acknowledges the effect that such perversions can have on small children. "90% of a Child's Brain Develops by Age 5."

A Government Approved War Against Kids: The City of San Diego Okays Porn Advertisements on Public Transit Kiosks Near Pre-School and School Bus Stops

Adding to its long time history of promoting the pornography industry to minors, the City of San Diego has now approved and activated explicit porn advertisements on city owned public transportation kiosks. Photographs obtained by the James Hartline Report show city owned bus kiosks managed by the San Diego Municipal Transit authority displaying graphic advertisements
for obscene adult porn businesses. One of these bus kiosks is located on the same block as a pre-school operated by a Lutheran Church.

At a bus kiosk located near Horton Plaza, scores of young children could be seen walking passed an advertisement for Larry Flynt's porn company Hustler.

San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, a radical, anti-family Republican up for reelection to the San Diego City Council District 2, oversees this area where the Hustler ad was strategically located near families bringing young kids to Horton Plaza. Councilman Todd Gloria, a gay activist and Democrat from District 3, oversees the city area where Mankind was permitted by the city to place advertisements on the bus kiosks near elementary schools.

Numerous public transit kiosks, many of which are used by students attending Roosevelt Junior High School and other elementary schools, large advertisements for the gay porn company Mankind can clearly be seen. A male model wearing garments used in sadomasochism sex acts is featured in a number of the ads. Products used in obscene sex acts are clearly featured in the ads, including leather harnesses worn by homosexual males during S&M homosexuality.

Mankind is a new gay porn store operating in San Diego's homosexual community. The business also operates a website that sells obscene and graphic gay sex videos, including an assortment of videos featuring the act called "barebacking." Barebacking is the act of homosexuals engaging in anal intercourse without condoms. The State of California is currently investigating the adult video industry for violating state laws that require its employees to wear condoms while engaging in production of their movies. State laws regulating worker safety ban unsafe and hazardous working conditions including the adult entertainment industry. Last year, five women were diagnosed with AIDS after it was learned that they had been filming adult movies without the use of condoms.

Taxpayers should be outraged on many levels regarding the increased strain on public budgets that unsafe sex is causing as a result of
new AIDS cases being encouraged via the adult entertainment industry. The fact that the city of San Diego is promoting companies on public bus kiosks that sell videos featuring unsafe sex and other obscene materials is a despicable act. Families should be outraged that their rights are being undermined by the porn-obsessed activists on the San Diego City Council. And Harry Mathis and his crew should be forced out of power from the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System.

James Hartline vows to continue his war to stand up for the kids of his city. 2010 will be the year of great warfare and great victories in the name of my God! I am making my stand in 2010! Have you started making yours yet?


Anonymous said...

Dear Christian Activist,

I have read many of your posts today.

I know what you are against -

what eludes me is what you are for.

Do you hear the fear and hate in your own rhetoric?

Do you know for example that Disney movies promote kindness to others? Do you know that gays are human beings?And that Jesus promoted kindness, love, and sharing?

you keep talking about an agenda, but the only one I see who is organizing, and talking to various church radios, and trying to spread the "word" (of hate) is you...

all your "aginst this, and fear that" - that is TERRORISM

scaring people of sex, of magical stories, of love between brothers - that is called terrorism. and your's is the organized kind.

I wish the FBI would just get you already.

La Misteriosa said...

You are a total jerk and a fiscal idiot for doing this. As a jerk: this is no more salacious than those 'hetero' "90210," "Gossip Girl, or "Nip/Tuck ads that run on the buses and everywhere else. As a fiscal idiot: The city needs to make a buck too, to keep mass transit going when it's most needed. Here you are crippling the very private enterprise that subsidizes for that system to exist. Get. A. Life.

Anonymous said...

James, you have still provided no evidence that the city acted as a result of your efforts. You can't even get Council president Ben Hueso to stop eating while you're speaking. This city has no respect for you, James. Why should they respect your desire to censor relatively innocuous advertising that brings in badly needed revenue?

Where's the evidence that James Hartline accomplished or had a hand in this act of censorship?

Anonymous said...

I have walked by those Mankind ads.
I most certainly did NOT see any dildos. I was NOT offended.
The posters were put up in Hillcrest! Everyone knows that's where all the gays live!
The marketing agency who put up the ads for Mankind obviously thought it was okay to post them in those locations. Why aren't you blaming them as well?
If those ads, which were tame, were taken down because you thought they were inappropriate or scandalous, then every other potentially scandalous ad needs to be taken down as well. I see advertisements, billboards even, that try to sell alcohol with girls in bikinis, promote TV shows where the characters fornicate, etc.

Your statements are biased, discriminating and ugly. I felt like I was reading an article by the KKK.

Anonymous said...

I found this article by mistake, while looking for adult talent agencies in San Diego. How ironic. After moving here from Florida, I found out first hand how Hillcrest is (affectionately) the gay capital of the world. Seeing a happy and openly gay community, (amongst an equally happy heterosexual community), helped me find clarity with how important it is for people to be happy and comfortable with themselves and around other people. Although I'm not particularly gay, I have as a result embraced my quirky, corny, and pornographic sides, and readily align myself with gays and gay rights..because everyone should be allowed to be happy.

To the writer of this article: I can't help but read your rhetoric and feel that maybe you're overcompensating or hiding something. Are you afraid of your own nakedness? Are you afraid of any latent homosexual tendencies that you've discovered about yourself? Did your parents verbally abuse you or neglect your upbringing as a sexual human being? I've found that the people that hide so fervently behind religion are simply just superficial and unsure of themselves, to the degree that they would rather make other people unhappy, to compensate for the fact that they themselves cannot find, or are not allowed to find, their own true happiness.

I can understand having a certain amount of decency around children, but none of those advertisements you complained about showed anything indecent or unnatural. In fact, the advertisements would actually probably cause the uncomfortable question about porn, gay sex and,"What's that?", by children and young adults. We call that curiosity, where I'm from. As a parent, teacher, pastor, or whatever you call yourself being, you must be MATURE enough to explain how the world works to people and children without the bigoted views you were taught while growing up with racists and jesus freaks.

Also, considering you don't even watch porn, what the f*%k difference does it make if the performers use condoms or not? Are you afraid children will watch it and start imitating what they see? Why would children want to watch porn and adult material if their parents are teaching them appropriately about sex and adult subjects? Do you not understand that children will find their way to whatever it is they are interested in, regardless of how much you try to censor it? A child that grows up with good development and consciousness of his or her sexuality, grows to become a wise and responsible adult. Those who do not receive good development, grow up with instilled hatred that they have to sort out for themselves later on in life.

THIS is what "..child's brain develops at age 5..", actually means. It means to TEACH children about the world, not to hide them from the realities of life.

I hope this will help you become a better person..because this article makes you appear to be on the slow side of the learning curve, if you know what I mean. *wink, wink*, *honk, honk*